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To City Councilman Frank Quintero, and the members of the City Council of Glendale.

By Max von Schuler-Kobayashi
Former US Marine based in Japan
Representative lecturer of ¡ÖHiizurutokorokara Philosophy of US-Japan relations¡×

Takeshima (Dokdo) Island is Japanese territory


Can Russia celebrate a dark and gloomy Soviet war against Japan?

The lower house of Russia¡Çs parliament, the State Duma, passed a bill on 7 July to name 2 September — the date Japan signed the Articles of Surrender ending the Second World War — ¡ÈVictory Over Japan Day.¡É On 14 July, the upper house, the Federation Council, approved the bill.
The idea that the day of shameful Soviet aggression toward Japan should, at this late date, become a national holiday shows that Russia¡Çs values are unchanged from those Stalin and the Soviet Union. Mr. Yamamoto Takuma, chairman of Japanese Army Veteran¡Çs Club wrote a strong criticism against such an unjust action taken by Russia.

Protest against Unjust Interference by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Protest Against Japan China Joint History Research Committee Report


Korean Government Interference in Japanese Domestic Affairs Is Untenable


Questions to the President of Korea from a Japanese Citizens¡Ç Group


Letter to Bush on Takeshima


Open Questions to PRC President Hu Jintao-c. Japanese version


Open Questions to PRC President Hu Jintao-b. Chinese version

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